Holiday Party 2017

The Chemistry Department’s holiday party, organized largely by the graduate students, was held on campus at the Daniels Family Commons at the end of last semester.  It is always a highlight of the year and nearly everyone attended, but the absence of Prof. Pratt resulted in fewer creative dance moves this year.  Some candid photos from the event are below.

Prof. Colin Smith, Quanli Gu, Prof. Joe Knee, Barbara Knee
Steven Bertolino, Prof. Michelle Personick, Prof. Carlos Jiménez-Hoyos, Melisa Moreno Garcia
Walter Emmons, Terry Emmons, Holly King, Tom King
Sola Adediran, Prof. Suara (Deji) Adediran
Rachel Lowe, Prof. Anthony Davis
Tore King, Melissa King, Joy Cote
Angelika Rafalowski, Jozafina Milicaj
Sean McDarby, Andrea Lee