Chemistry Majors Elected to Phi Beta Kappa

Spring 2023 elections to Wesleyan’s Gamma Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa have been announced, and it is with great pleasure that we recognize
Kelly Ann Fenton-Samuels and Minh Chau Rachel Nguyen.
To be elected, a student must first have been nominated by the department of their major. The student also must have demonstrated curricular breadth by having met the General Education Expectations and must have achieved a GPA of 93 or above.

The emblem contains the three Greek letters “Phi,” “Beta,” and “Kappa,” which are the initials of the Greek motto, Philosophia Biou Kybernetes, or “the love of wisdom is the guide of life.”

Kelly Ann Fenton-Samuels, 2023
Chemistry, Earth & Environmental Sciences

Minh Chau Rachel Nguyen, 2023
Chemistry, Molecular Biology & Biochemistry

Induction will take place on May 27, 2023 at 4:00 p.m. in the Memorial Chapel

Prof. Giselle Reyes Highlighted in Chemical & Engineering News (C&EN)

Professor Reyes’ team at Pfizer was recently awarded the ACS Award for Team Innovation. In reflecting on her scientific hero, Giselle recalls Al Fry and his impact on her life and career.

Giselle P. Reyes

Current position:
Scientist, Pfizer
Education: BA and MA, chemistry, Wesleyan
Reyes on her scientific hero: “My scientific hero is my principal investigator from Wesleyan, Albert J. Fry. I discovered my passion for research and desire to pursue a career in industry while working in his lab. He inspired me to face challenges life throws at me with humor, grit, and grace. He was my biggest advocate in the beginning of my career, and I would not be the scientist or person that I am today without him.”