What’s inside that 400 MHz Superconducting Magnet?

Many of our alumni remember the big stainless steel superconducting magnet on the 400 MHz NMR in the basement of Hall-Atwater. Last year the department replaced this venerable workhorse with a newly refurbished magnet. Facilities Manager Dr. Camille Keeler suggested that it might be interesting to disassemble it to find out what’s really inside. On April 6 and May 3, we did just that. With food contributed by the department, a group of undergraduate and graduate students (and some faculty) assisted Dr. Keeler, who turns out to wield of a mean metal saw. See below for a time-lapse video (courtesy of David Cabanero) are below. The coils will be mounted and displayed in cross section next to the new magnet.

A video may be found HERE.